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Motivation for this document

[DELETE LATER] Try to answer these questions: Why did you take the time to write this document? What were you aiming to get from others reading it?

My role

[DELETE LATER] Try to answer these questions: How are you being measured for by the organization? What are the team’s KPIs? How will you help your teammates get better at their jobs?

These are my initial thoughts on my role as a manager at Digit. I’m new to Digit so I expect things to change as I learn more and the role evolves. First in terms of my job, I see a few areas for engagement listed in importance right now: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Product management: I will work to understand company vision and translate that into a product vision for AI contributions in the next couple quarters. Additionally I will iterate with the team on weekly planning and execution to effectively meet those goals. My main output here will be things like project plan docs, feedback on design, OKRs and product analyses. Technical leadership: I will support the team with advice and feedback on technical design, code and experiments with the goal of building scalable, maintainable, performant and measurable systems. My main output here will be spec review and code review. Team development: I will work with the team to develop around technical areas like ML as well as other important skills like time management and leadership. I will understand my team members’ goals and will seek to empower rather than direct. I will provide prompt, relevant feedback. My main output here will be teaching, 1-1s and reflection/feedback processes. IC contributions: I will contribute some code however nothing ever in the critical path. I will work on projects where writing code will help me understand the pain point or where I can build tooling that will increase productivity. Recruiting: When the time comes I will work on building the team. My main output here will be process around interviews, training the team, hiring screens and sourcing. So how can I help you? I think this mostly boils down to providing context, feedback and teaching. With context I hope to help provide a sense of direction, vision and how your work fits into the larger picture. With feedback I hope to celebrate your successes broadly and provide my input in a thoughtful, prompt, tangible manner. With teaching I hope to directly teach and setup systems for peer teaching. So how can you help me? Feedback! As I get more engaged I’ll ask how I’m doing but I’d love to hear from you. Second, take my advice with a grain of salt! I have different experiences but that doesn’t make them in any way better or more correct. You’re the expert at your job not me; I have a different perspective and want you to succeed. Finally, with us all remote I’m not going to see most of your day to day experience. Please let me know if you need a day off, a change in schedule or have other concerns. These are weird times and I want to ensure we aren’t feeling overwhelmed. Other thoughts ● ● 1-1s are time for you and your careers goals. These are a great chance to think ahead and be proactive about where you want to go. We’ll work together on writing specific, measurable and attainable career goals. My work hours are 9-6 and part of maintaining my sanity is not communicating outside those hours. My cell is 484-343- 8569 (also found on slack) if I do need to be reached off those hours. I’m excited to be at Digit and am pumped to see where we take ML with this product! Hopefully this becomes a more concise statement but gotta have a first draft :)

What do I value most?

[DELETE LATER] Try to answer these questions: What does helping me look like? What is my process for handling conflicts? (and how you can do it yourself) How does helping me look like? What weaknesses of mine should the team know about, and how can they help me improve?

My Expectations

[DELETE LATER] Try to answer these questions: How should people set time with you? When it comes to mistakes, what’s the best way for employees to come forward? How do you define “Done”? When should people be available and how? (e.g. work hours, availability via chat/phone etc.)


[DELETE LATER] Try to answer these questions: When do you usually have 1:1s with your team? Who should lead the 1:1 (you or them)? What should be the main focus during that time?

Personality quirks

[DELETE LATER] Try to answer this question: What are the individual quirks that anyone working with me should know about? Usually, these quirks are not “good” or “bad”, they just part of who you are. It’s the small things that people do that gets you extremely happy/excited or extremely upset/nervous within 5 seconds without any good reason.

Where to focus on your first 90 days?

[DELETE LATER] Try to answer these questions: What does effective onboarding look like on your team? How can they tell if they’re doing a good job in their first 30 days?